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22 August 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Super smells

In previous blogs we’ve talked about Clean Coat and Lavender Wash– two great smelling products that our customers love. Both of these are washes and can be used diluted or in the supplied concentrated format (depending on why you’re using them) and both smell divine, however, we have some other great products that smell super…


Citronella Shampoo– if you love the smell of citronella, the chances are that you’ll love this shampoo too. The rich, nourishing shampoo includes a conditioner and can be used as and when needed.

Citronella Summer Spray– designed to refresh the horse, Citronella Summer Spray leaves a long lasting citronella aroma and can be citronella_shampoo_1litre copyused all over the horse.

Lavender Wash– made using lavender essential oil, Lavender Wash can be diluted to form a no-rinse wash to refresh and remove dirt and sweat post exercise, and can be used undiluted to help relieve bruising on legs.

Clean Coat– using spearmint along with other carefully selected ingredients, Clean Coat can be used to remove sweat stains after exercise (when diluted correctly) and can also be used undiluted as a pre clip degreaser.

citronella summer spray 500ml trigger bottleDark and Red Shampoos- in addition to giving the coat a really thorough clean and enhancing colour, both these shampoos also contain lavender essential oil…so they smell great.

These are just a few examples of products from our grooming range, and just a few of our products that contain essential oils. To see our full range, see the website.

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