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07 March 2013 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use? Kerry tells us about Katy and Biotin Plus 25

Kerry Weisselberg is an amateur rider who started eventing in 1988. She has always produced her own horses from scratch and so far has managed to get a couple to 2* and one to 3* CCI and placings at Advanced level. The ultimate aim remains 4*, ideally on a homebred, but she realises just how difficult this dream will be to accomplish.



“I bought Katy Jones, a TB mare (with, unfortunately, typical TB feet), to event, but after a fairly promising start, with the mare proving a hugely promising xc horse in particular, her feet became her downfall, and even very expensive plastic shoes just would not stay on. I decided to put the mare in foal to give her feet lots of time to grow. Unfortunately while she was away at stud she was not trimmed as regularly as requested, and being barefoot didn’t really suit her, so this plan backfired slightly. Last year, I put Katy on Equimins Biotin Plus 25 to try to improve matters. I’m very pleased with the palatability of it, the handiness of the packaging, and the cost. The difference it has made to the mare is huge, and last time the farrier was here he remarked on how her feet are now approaching the normal size for a horse of her size (she’s 16.3, and they were far too small for her size before, they looked as if they belonged to a pony!)  She still has the remains of tiny areas of seedy toe, as you can see in the picture, but daily treatments as well as the Biotin Plus 25 really are working wonders, and I really hope to get her out competing again this year.”


Katy's hooves before Biotin Plus 25

Katy’s hooves before Biotin Plus 25


Katy’s feet after using Biotin Plus 25


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