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11 November 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Tips for winter grooming

During the summer months, the lack of mud and shorter summer coats make it easy to keep your horse looking his best…but add in a good dose of sticky mud and longer coats and it’s a completely different ball game. Here, we’ve put together some top tips to help your horse to look gorgeous and groomed during the winter weather…


  1. Trim – cutting your horse’s tail a little shorter than you would normally can help prevent it from getting muddy and distributing this mud all over the legs. We’re not saying it should be super short, but an extra inch off can make a big difference.
  2. Detangle – detangler doesn’t just keep knots away, it can also keep the hair silky and prevent mud from sticking to it thus reducing grooming time. Our Ultra Silky Detangler is perfect for the job.ultra_silky_detang_500ml copy
  3. Rug – it sounds obvious, but opting for a full neck rug rather than a standard one could help dramatically reduce grooming time as your horse’s neck is protected. If your horse is particularly gifted when it comes to covering himself with mud, you may consider investing in a turnout hood too.
  4. Dry Clean – if you’re going to a competition or just want your horse to look his best, invest in a quality dry shampoo this winter. These work to remove dirt and stains without the need for water – your horse will really appreciate this! Our Dry Clean is the perfect product for this as all you need to do is spray the product onto the coat, work in, and towel dry.
  5. Groomer – using a grooming spray like our Ultra Shine Groomer is another way to save you time. Not only does this spray leave a sheen on the coat, it also repels dust and mud. Grooming sprays can be used all over the horse’s body, including the legs, but it’s best to avoid the saddle and girth areas as they can become slippery.
  6. Stain Remover – investing in an effective stain remover spray, especially if you have a grey horse or a horse with white markings, may save your sanity. Our Stain Remover is ideal for the job. The specially formulated lotion helps to lift grass and stable stains with ease and is easy to use too.
  7. Relax – anyone who owns a horse knows what it’s like to have to chip mud off their horse before they ride, so don’t panic. It’s important that the areas the tack sits are mud free to prevent rubbing, but apart from that, why not embrace the ‘au natural’ look a few days a week? It’ll save you time and your horse won’t mind in the slightest.


To find out more about our grooming range, see the Grooming section on the website.

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