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26 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Post competition must haves!

At Equimins, we’re dedicated to the care of your equine friend, whether he’s old or young, competes or spends his time ‘mowing’ the field. Lots of people focus on what they need before a competition- and preparation is really, really important…but so is the horse’s post competition care. That’s the reason we have an exceptional range of products for this time…

Wash off

If your horse has just finished an event and he’s hot and sweaty, get him washed off as soon as you can. This will help to cool him and gives you a good chance to check for injury…

equimins-lavender-fresh-wash-Lavender Wash– smells amazing thanks to the lavender essential oil, but it’s also naturally antibacterial, helps soothe minor cuts and bruising, freshens and relaxes! It also contains coconut to remove dirt and sweat. Put a capful in a litre of water to soothe, calm and clean, or use undiluted to help relieve bruising on legs. Find out more here.

Clean Coat– with a fresh minty smell, Clean Coat combines tea tree oil, allantoin, witch hazel and spearmint in a cooling and refreshing body wash without soap. It can be used to remove sweat stains and dirt and, as per Lavender Wash- just mix a capful with a litre of water. Find out more here.

Lovely legs

Leg Gel– used straight from the tub or diluted to make a cooling wash, Leg Gel is a great way to help cool hot legs. It contains camphor, menthol and allantoin to cool and refresh. Camphor is an excellent cooler but it is not permitted in competition so should not be use three days before competing. Find out more here.

legs_r_cool_3.5kgLegs R Cool– this topical clay poultice contains Microlat, aloe vera, witch hazel and arnica (among other ingredients) to cool, soothe and tighten hot, tired legs. It can be applied after exercise and either left open to the air, or covered in paper/plastic and bandaged over. Find out more here.

Sore muscles

Arnica & Witch Hazel Gel– ideal for bruises and sore muscles, this easy to apply gel contains arnica and witch hazel along with MSM and allantoin. A first aid kit/post event essential. Find out more here.

Muscle Embrocation– a handy liquid that helps to soothe bruising and minor muscle strain, Muscle Embrocation can be applied two to three times a day. Find out more here.

Add salt

Electrolyte Paste– a great way to quickly replenish lost body salts in a handy oral syringe that can be given straight after exercise. The high specification formula is energy boosting and also helps recovery from exhaustion and fatigue. Find out more here.

Revitalyte Electro Salts– added to food or water, Revitalyte Electro Salts can be used after heavy sweat loss- however it’s caused. Find out more here. 

To see more of our Performance range or First Aid range, see the website.




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