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28 April 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Plaiting perfection

If you want perfect plaits, follow our top tips below…and check out our video, all about Plaiting Liquid…

Plaiting Liquid

  1. Don’t wash the horse’s mane or tail before you plait it. Shampoos and conditioners can make the hair smooth and silky, which is great for day to day and easy to brush…but it’s much more difficult to plait! Plan to wash areas to be plaited in advance, giving them enough time to become a little dirty again!
  2. Don’t use detangler spray on any area that you’re going to plait- it’ll just make the task more difficult! If you’re plaiting the top of the tail, consider using detangler on the bottom part only…leave the area covering the dock clear.
  3. Plan your plaits! Plaits can be used to make a shorter neck look longer and a longer neck look shorter, depending on how many plaits you do. Whatever you decide, separate the hair into clumps before you start. This will ensure that all plaits are even and that you have enough hair to get the number of plaits you want.
  4. Practice makes perfect! If you’re not confident when it comes to plaiting your horse, get some practice in before it really matters. You don’t need to do a whole mane each time you try, but a couple of plaits regularly will improve your confidence, technique and speed.
  5. Use Plaiting Liquid! Plaiting Liquid has been designed to make plaits easier to put in and also holds the plaits in place all day long. At the end of the day, Plaiting Liquid doesn’t need to be washed out- just remove your plaits as normal. To find out how to use Plaiting Liquid- have a look at our video.Plaiting Liquid Video


To find out more about Plaiting Liquid see here or, to view the full grooming range, visit the website.

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