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17 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use? Itchless, Biting Midge Cream and Fly Repellent

This month’s ‘What do you use?’ is slightly different and it comes from two four legged Equimins fans, Amber and Mouse…

“It’s that time of the year again when the pesky midges try to feast on us and suffering with Sweet Itch can make us very miserable!!!

Amber and Mouse

“Our names are Amber and Mouse and with a lot of extra care from our mums and Equimins we have an Itchless summer.

“We don’t always look like this, underneath our camouflage outfits, or as my mum calls it my “Donkey costume”, we are both stunning chestnuts, but from March to September they are a necessity. Also, to help relieve our symptoms, we have 20ml of Itchless added to our food once a day, and if any of those nasty midges do make contact, there is the Biting Midge Cream to soothe and protect us. Last year we tried the Fly Repellent Gel when we went out hacking and it was a very good back up to the Extra Strength Fly Spray. This year we hear Equimins have a new Itchless Body Wash and can’t wait to try that when the weather gets a bit warmer. Looking forward to a shampoo and set from Granny!”






As you can see, dealing with Sweet Itch horses just takes a little extra care so don’t be put off as we are just as loveable.

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