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16 September 2014 ~ 0 Comments

All about probiotics

Probiotics are everywhere at the moment, in human nutrition as well as equine. Often referred to as friendly bacteria, probiotics are live bacteria or yeast that can be used to help rebalance the bacteria in the gut, if it becomes unbalanced for any reason. Sometimes, there’s an obvious reason for an imbalance, such as a course of antibiotics that may have ‘upset’ the gut balance, and stress can also be a factor. In addition to supporting the gut, probiotics can also help to support the immune system!

So, when could you feed your horse probiotics? Some people feed probiotics each day, especially if their horse shows signs that suggest his gut could do with additional support. Probiotics can be fed as a stand alone supplement, but you’ll see that many of our supplements also contain probiotics, for general support. Some people feed probiotics during times of stress, if the horse is a little off colour or after antibiotic treatment…it just depends.

If you’re interested in probiotics, you might be interested in some of our supplements that contain them…

Advance Concentrate Complete…in addition to providing horses with an impressive range of vitamins, trace elements and bioavailable minerals, Advance Concentrate Complete also contains Saccharomyces cervisae yeast and probiotics, to help support the gut and the digestion of fibre.

Inner Balance probioticsInner Balance Probiotics…this palatable probiotics supplement can be added to the horse’s feed or water for easy feeding. The supplement contains lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium with Bio-Mos oligosaccharide. It uses a unique enteric coating to withstand the acidic environment in the stomach, to ensure safe passage to the gut. These probiotics can be fed as and when needed or as a permanent addition to the horse’s diet.

Micro-Flora Balance…not an average supplement, Micro-Flora Balance is a highly concentrated paste, containing complex probiotic cultures, which provides fast acting support for intestinal balance. This product can be given to horses or foals, and the full syringe is used over two or three days, depending on the size of the animal.

Pro-Bio…more than a vitamin and mineral supplement, Pro-Bio combines a high specification broad spectrum supplement with generous levels of probiotics lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium to help support a well balanced gut and efficient digestion. What’s even more impressive is that Pro-Bio is amazing value for money with a 1.5kg tub, costing £17.99 (price correct Sept ’14), lasting for 50 days.

Super Plus Competition Supplement…created for hard working horses, Super Plus contains high levels of important equimins-veteran-supplementvitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. In addition, this formula contains high levels of probiotics, a prebiotic to feed them, and Saccharomyces cerivisae yeast to aid the digestion of fibre.

Veteran Vits & Mins
…formulated for older horses, Veteran Vits & Mins contains a broad range of vitamins and minerals in addition to high levels of probiotics, Saccharomyces cerivisae yeast and prebiotics that colonise the gut wall. This is a veteran supplement that has a particular emphasis on the proper digestion of fibre.

To find out more about our probiotic supplements, just contact us.

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