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20 March 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Flexijoint T&T review – Julie & Caesar

We had a lovely T&T report in from Julie, who’s been testing our Flexijoint supplement. Here’s what she had to say about the supplement – and she sent us a pic of the gorgeous Caesar too! 

Caesar Name of Horse: Caesar
Age: 24 Years Old
Breed Type: Clydesdale 
Workload/Activity: light work/happy hacker
Issues/Existing Conditions: Stiff Joints/especially in his front legs.
I have used other types of joint supplements before but I didn’t see much of a difference.

Caesar took to the Flexijoint supplement really well. We gradually introduced over a period of 10 days and I must say I started seeing an improvement after two weeks. When I watched him, especially in the field walking up to me, his movement seemed more freely and I noticed this as well when I rode him. His joints didn’t sound as ‘clicks’. Also when I walked him out of his stable after being in for a night he wasn’t as stiff in his walk either.

Flexijoint joint supplementThis supplement has made such a difference to his movement. I am now on my second tub and will continue using it.

He is also on some of your other supplements. Vitamins and minerals for the veteran horse and Diamond Omega. I won’t use anything else.

Thanks for sending your report in, Julie, we appreciate it.

Have a look at Flexijoint here, on our website

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