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25 February 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Cost per day vs. cost per pack

If you’re looking for a way to keep your supplement costs down, then we have the solution…so get your calculators out and we’ll talk you through it!

We know what it’s like. You go into a tack shop and there’s a lot of supplements on offer. Say you want a joint supplement. There’s a tiny tub for £60, and a huge tub for £40…so the huge tub MUST be cheaper- right? No…not necessarily.

It’s easy to be influenced by the price of the tub, but we urge you not to be as it could well save you a whole heap of money AND could even mean your horse is getting more of the important ingredients each day. We’re going to work through a few cost per day examples here, so you can see what you need to do when you compare products. We’re really proud of the value our products offer and their specification…and this is why buying ‘better’ could save you money.

All sums are based on a 15hh horse…flexijoint_600g_tub


First up- Flexijoint…let’s take a 1.5kg tub

Current RRP £58.50

Feeding recommendation- 15g per day

So…how long will it last? 100 days

What is the cost per day? 59p


Each 15g contains…

3000mg of chondroitin sulphate

6094.5mg of glucosamine HCL

3615mg of MSM

750mg of ascorbic acid

45mg of hyaluronic acid


(among other ingredients)

…we’re not going to mention that many people use less and still report great results…or that we have a money back guarantee on this product!


Next- Serenity Ultra Calm + in a 1.5kg tubserenity_ucplus_1kg copy

Current RRP £35.95

Feeding recommendation- 25g per day

So…how long will it last? 60 days

What is the cost per day? 60p per day 


Each 25g contains…

50mg Vitamin B1

50mg Vitamin B2

25mg Vitamin B6

In addition to magnesium from six different sources, calcium carbonate chelate, carefully selected herbs and amino acids.

…and this product also comes with a money back guarantee!


To do this for yourself you need…


The RRP of the product

The suggested feeding amount

The pack size


Then simply find out how many days the supplement will last and divide the cost per pack by this number!

Don’t forget that in addition to the cost per day, consider the specification too, to make sure your horse is getting the levels that you want.

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