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08 December 2015 ~ 0 Comments

What is echinacea?

Echinacea, whether it’s fed as a liquid or dried herb, can be added to the horse’s diet to help support the immune system. It can be fed when the immune system has been compromised, during times of stress, after veterinary treatment or to help maintain wellbeing and health. Research has also shown that echinacea can support the health of the red blood cells, so it can also be beneficial for competition horses and those involved in strenuous activity.

Although echinacea can be fed on its own, we also include this herb in a number of other supplements:

Air-Way Liquid Herbal Tincture – this herbal multiblend contains echinacea as well as liquorice, marshmallow, coltsfoot, garlic, plantain and clivers. The blend of herbs used helps to maintain a healthy respiratory system in horses by supporting the lungs and airways.

sherbs_echinacea_1kg copyOld Horse Liquid Herbal Tincture – this liquid herbal extract is a superb tonic to help support the older horse during his advancing years. It contains echinacea in addition to milk thistle, ginkgo, hawthorn, chaste tree, meadowsweet, comfrey, nettle, burdock, clivers and dandelion.

Respiratory Formula – this powerful herbal extract can be fed to horses in need of additional respiratory support. The comprehensive formula contains liquorice, coltsfoot, echinacea, marshmallow, garlic, plantain, clivers, milk thistle, gingko, feverfew, quercetin, yarrow, chamomile, eyebright, rosehips, nettle, astragalus and ginger with eucalyptus oil and vitamin C.

In addition to these blends, echinacea can also be bought as a liquid and as a dried herb, which is available in a tub or in a bag from the Straight Herbs range.


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