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28 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use? Kate Davey tells us what she uses for her horses…

Equimins customer, Kate Davey, has two horses who use our products. In this blog, she tells us what Jiosco and Geo use…

Kate Davey 1For Jiosco (16hh selle francais, 17yo) I use:

Flexijoint – he has navicular and since his diagnosis which was about 2 year ago he has been on this. I also use it to support his other joints as he is a big horse.

Devil’s Claw – about a year after his diagnosis I noticed he was a bit foot sore so I introduced this and it has been just what he needed to take the edge off the discomfort.

Cider vinegar – also for joints and for coat health.

Tip Top Pellets – general vitamin and minerals for health

Garlic – for the flies and respiratory system

Kate Davey 2For Geo (15.2hh Welsh d x TB x Shire X American paint horse. 4yo) I use:

Tip Top pellets – as above

Garlic – as above

Cider vinegar – as above

Soya oil – for coat health, skin and weight.

Up until Jiosco’s diagnosis, I did local shows with him and cross country, fun rides, hacking and show jumping. Now he has a quieter life and loves hacking for hours and we do the occasional dressage an clinic.

Geo was only backed last year but my hope for him for the future are to be able to attend local shows, hunter trials, cross country and show jumping as well as hacking out and clinics.

Thank you Kate for writing in.

If you’d like to tell us what you use, please email rhea@equimins.com. All blogs used get a free gift as a thank you!

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