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17 September 2014 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use…Michelle Ridgwell?

This month’s ‘What do you use?’ comes from Facebook, from Michelle Ridgwell. Michelle sent us a lovely picture (below) of her pony, Chicco, and told us a little but more about him and the supplement she uses…


10682086_10204853209428704_1135994795_n (1)I’d like to share a picture of my little boy and his pony at a show this weekend just gone. We moved yards six months ago and our pony, Chicco, was extremely unsettled. He showed an array of behaviour that he has never shown before, things like spooking, bucking, rearing and was very erratic with it. I put Chicco on the Magnesium Calmer and it’s made an amazing difference to him. I would never imagine it would make such a difference to him. This picture is of Mitchell and Chicco winning their ridden class. Eight weeks ago, Mitchell was too petrified to even ride after being thrown off a few times. We got told to sell him on many occasions. The judge at the show told Mitchell “you keep working with that pony and you pair will win everything”.

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