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08 December 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Winter yard tips

If you hate everything about winter including the havoc it causes around the yard, then this blog with winter yard tips is a must read…enjoy!

  1. Super salt – salt isn’t just a feed supplement! Putting salt down on concrete areas to prevent freezing can really pay dividends and prevent a lot of accidents.
  2. Breaking the ice – frozen water troughs are really boring, but it’s essential that the ice is broken each day, at least once a day, to maintain your horse’s water supply. The good news is that you don’t need to freeze in the process. Find a heavy object, like a brick, that you can put in a clean plastic feed sack, and use this to break the ice. Use a colander to remove the ice. No cold hands!
  3. Insulation – putting a bit of effort into wrapping your tap up at night can save you a lot of time defrosting it in the morning. Special covers are available, but many people wrap their taps in towels, Stable Freshand that can also be pretty effective.
  4. Hosepipes – frozen hosepipes are far from fun. The best way to prevent this is to disconnect the hosepipe at night, loosely coil it up (which drains it and makes it easier to carry and store) and then put inside for a little extra protection.
  5. Sweet smelling stables – ammonia isn’t pleasant for horses or humans, and even if your horse has to spend a lot of time inside, you can reduce or eradicate ammonia by choosing a more suitable bedding for your horse and/or using a floor freshener like Stable Fresh. As this is a dry disinfectant powder, no drying time is needed!

Over to you…

Facebook fan Jen Evans got in touch with some of her top tips for winter…

  1. Apply coat shine after every grooming session to keep the coat soft and aid the removal of mud
  2. Hot towelling helps to keep coats healthy and fresh when washing isn’t an option
  3. Strapping to keep muscles toned whilst less work is completed over the winter months
  4. Warm water for feeding to make it more pleasurable for the horse to eat (this should not be hot, more that the water isn’t freezing cold straight out of the tap!)


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