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18 November 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Festive treats for those with four feet!

As we approach Christmas, we wanted to highlight some products that we’re sure your horse would like to find in his Christmas stocking! Here are our favourites…

  • All that glitters…our Glitter Gel is the perfect product to add to your horse’s equimins-glitter-gel-Christmas ensemble! Available in three great colours, Glitter Gel can be used all over the horse’s coat to add a little shine and sparkle. Fun for Christmas rides and children love being able to decorate their ponies.
  • Smellies for horses…our washes make the perfect scented delight for your trusty steed. Pick Lavender Wash to soothe and relax after exercise or cool Clean Coat with spearmint to refresh and clean. Neither need to be rinsed after use, so it’s a great way to remove sweat and dirt after exercise while leaving a lovely aroma.
  • It’s a treat…our Tasty Treats are low cost and much loved…so everyone’s happy!equimins-tasty-horse-treats They’re available in two sizes to suit any budget. For those who want a treat with something extra, our Tip Top Supplement Treats also contain a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Perfect for those who live out.
  • Gleam with Groomer…if you like you horse to look clean and smart, Groomer Ultra Shine is the product for you! Spray onto the coat to add shine, use in the mane and tail to detangle…and using it also helps to repel dirt…so it’s a gift for you too!
  • Ditch the bucket and get Dry Clean…if you’re competing over the colder months or have a horse that loves to get dirty, turning the hosepipe on him on a chilly day is not really a gift…and that’s where Dry Clean comes in! This waterless body cleanser will have your horse clean and gleaming in no time…without the need for any water!

To see our full range of products, just visit the website.

* Don’t forget that a horse’s digestive system is pretty sensitive. Giving your horse a big bowl of new feed as a Christmas treat could end in a vet call out. Stick to his usual feed, perhaps with a vegetable treat that you know he loves…a visit from the vet isn’t a festive treat you want!

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