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20 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Give hooves a helping hand

Sometimes hooves can need a little extra help and, when it comes to supporting hoof growth, we believe in helping from the inside. If you look at our Hoof section, you’ll see a number of supplements designed to help, but for hooves in need of maximum support, we have Hoof Mender 75. This supplement is really impressive with a high specification…and we’re so confident in it, we offer a full money back guarantee!

Hoofmender EcoPack 1.8kgHoof Mender 75 helps to support healthy hoof growth and can be used for hooves in need of ‘repair’. Each daily amount contains 75mg of biotin as well as high levels of zinc methionate, which is essential for strong keratin growth in the hoof. In addition to this, we’ve added MSM, organically bound zinc, methionine, vitamin C and other ingredients to further support the hooves.

Most horses receive around 60g per day, meaning that a 3kg tub will last for 50 days, making it great value for money.

To give you confidence in this product, it comes with a money back guarantee. If you feed Hoof Mender 75 for a twelve month period and you don’t see an improvement in the condition of your horse’s hooves, we’ll refund all of your money. All you need to do is keep all your receipts as proof of purchase, in the unlikely event that you need to claim.

To find out more about Hoof Mender 75, see the website. To see our full Hoof section, follow this link.

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