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17 March 2015 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use…Jen Evans?

Jen Evans sent us an email about her lovely ex-racehorse and why she uses Advance Concentrate Complete…

“My 7year old ex race horse, who was successfully retraining, competing and winning in the show ring over the summer of 2014 as a Retrained Racehorse and Riding Horse. He started to struggle tracking up and was consistently sore in one place over his back. Upon investigation in September, he was diagnosed with kissing spine (those words so many dread and feel tarnishes their horse).

“He had surgery at the end of September but was then diagnosed with inflammation of his navicular bursa. All very nerve wrecking and scary to think “what might never be”, “have I done the right thing by him”. But post surgery after a long, slow rehab of inhand walking, lunging, old fashioned strapping and physio, we finally got through the bleak winter and in February progressed from lunging to ridden work, Emotional to say the least! I contacted Dave who I have known since I was knee high for some guidance on nutritional support to help him progress further. After much deliberation and discussion, Advance Concentrate seemed the perfect match. I feed a high oil chaff, Ready Mash Extra alongside the Advance for weight, condition and development. A month on from introducing it, I have a shiny, fit, conditioned and muscular chestnut tb. My advice to anyone who experiences spinal, back problems is don’t give up. The effort I’ve put into my boy means years of healthy happy work. Advance has helped dramatically with his weight/condition and progression so I strongly suggest you too try something new and you might reap the rewards I now am. Something I thought I might not be able to say but confidently now can “Here’s to an exciting 2015 competition season” 🙂

Here’s a picture of my boy now.

After Advance Concentrate Complete

After Advance Concentrate Complete


Before Advance Concentrate Complete

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