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25 September 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Why feed cod liver oil?

Do you feed cod liver oil? Why do you add it to your horse’s diet? The majority of people we speak to add it to help joint health in aging equines…but have you ever wondered how it works or what alternatives there are?

Cod liver oil is a natural source of very digestible vitamins A, D3 and E…and it’s also a source of energy. It can be fed to help promote overall good health, but is particularly noted for its properties in relation to the coat, eyes, teeth, bones and joints.

As the name suggest, cod liver oil comes from fish and this raises an issue with those who wish to feed their horse/s a vegetarian diet. The reason you’re feeding cod liver oil will very much dictate the way you need to go when looking at alternatives. For example, if you’re looking for a source of slow release energy, oils such as Linseed Oil, Soya Oil and Glow & Shine Omega Oil are ideal. These also help to promote general health and a shiny, healthy coat.

glow_shine_omega_oil_5litres copyGlow & Shine Omega Oil is also useful for those looking to maintain a healthy heart and joints. It’s high in omega 3, 6 and 9 oils, all essential fatty acids that help maintain joint mobility and health. As Glow & Shine Omega Oil is made from a blend of linseed oil, soya oil and rapeseed oil you can be assured that there’s no fish oil content.

Linseed Oil also contains omega oils that can help joints, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s included in our Diamonddiamond_omega_2kg Omega supplement. This ground, micronised linseed supplement also contains B vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help smoother muscle action for the nutritional maintenance of joints.

If you’re looking to feed a product to aid joints, have a look at our joints section. Some products do contain cod liver oil, such as our A & R Blend, and some others contain ingredients derived from shellfish as we believe these are the most effective when used in this application.

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