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16 December 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Keeping stabled horses in high spirits

If your horse has to spend more time in his stable over the winter months, this is the blog for you! Stabled horses need to be kept occupied in their stable, to help prevent them becoming bored and even anxious. The stable environment is not that closely aligned with the horse’s natural environment, but there are ways that you can help to keep his mind busy even when the weather’s against you. Here are our top tips…


  • Grooming – make sure you give you horse a good groom when you can. Not only do most horses enjoy a good brush and scratch, but it’s a nice way to bond with your horse and check for any lumps and bumps.
  • equimins-tasty-horse-treatsStretch – baited stretches can be a fun way to encourage your horse to stretch out his muscles and, with a tasty reward, he’s sure to love it. If your horse has a musculoskeletal issue, it’s best to check with a professional before you try, or ask for guidance as to how to do them properly.
  • Toys – whether hung from the ceiling or on the floor, a toy can help to keep a busy mind active! Toys from the ceiling can sometimes be used with licks and/or vegetables, but just be aware of the type of lick you’re using – some should be fed under supervision. Floor toys come in a range of sizes, but there are ones that dispense the horse’s feed (well, nuts normally…it’s not so good for chaffs!) as he moves it around.
  • Mirrors – stable mirrors can help to reduce anxiety as the horse thinks he has a pal in his stable…even though it’s actually his reflection. Ensure you install the right type of mirror – glass mirrors have no place in a stable!
  • Apple bobbing – pop some apples in a water bucket and let your horse bob for them.
  • Fibre – giving your horse hay in his stable will also help to occupy his time. Not only does fibre take longer to chew than concentrates but, if you put it in a small holed net, it’ll take him longer to extract it too.


If you have any other tips for keeping stabled horses happy, we’d love to hear them! Please feel free to add your comments to our Facebook page.

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