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17 June 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Calm down and feed Serenity!

If you’re looking for a calming supplement, we know the minefield you’re experiencing. You want something that makes your horse more manageable, but you don’t want him to be dead to the leg, tired and lethargic. Equally, you want the calming supplement to be effective and you don’t want it to cost an absolute fortune…are we right? Calm down and feed Serenity!

At Equimins, we understand your issues perfectly. Whether your horse is a little excitable by nature, he loves competitions more than he should, he’s a bit hyperactive or if there are certain times of the year and triggers that cause him to be a bit ‘wild’…we’re here to help.

If your horse really feels the pressure of particular situations, such as competition or travelling, but is fine the rest of the time, Serenity Calm Down could well be the perfect solution. This oral paste is packed full of magnesium, B vitamins and other important ingredients and should be given two hours before stressful activity-for more, see the website.

serenity_ucplus_1kg copyFor general calming, consider Serenity Ultra Calm + that comes complete with a money back guarantee. This powdered supplement combines magnesium from six different sources for maximum digestibility along with calcium carbonate chelate and other active ingredients to help calm without lethargy. It’s available in three different sizes where 1kg will last for 40 days.

If you prefer feeding liquid supplements, Serenity Liquid Calmer is a great option. It has a different make up in part to the powdered version, but does contain a number of the same ingredients in a liquid suspension for faster absorption into the intestinal tract…and this product also comes with a money back warranty! Serenity Liquid Calmer is available in 1L, 2.5L and 5L bottles.

…there’s more!

We know that it’s not only horses who get stressed in high pressure situations, or who might be suffering from a confidence issue…and that’s why we created two great products for humans…

Equimins Serenity Riders Chill Out Calmer CapsulesSerenity Riders Chill Out Calmer Capsules contain high specification, very digestible sources of magnesium along with B vitamins and important herbal compounds, a combination of which helps to induce calmness and tranquillity without lethargy.

To help counter nervousness in a slightly different way, Serenity Horse & Riders Calming Fluid is an aromatic liquid that can be applied to the hands, wrists, forehead and back of neck to help relax and counter nervousness.

These products can be used together or separately.

…we haven’t forgotten your canine pal!


Blooming Serenity Calm Down Paste combines B vitamins, magnesium and other important ingredients in a paste that can be given as and when required. A 15ml syringe contains up to three doses (depending on the size of the dog), so a little goes a long way.

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