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27 May 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Moody mares

Do you have a moody mare? Some mares do suffer from mood swings and temperament changes in line with their cycles and, for these mares, we have a couple of products to help support them. Both products share the ‘Nightmare’ name…

Nightmare Hormonal Mare SupplementOur Nightmare Hormonal Mare Supplement is provided in a tub and can be fed to mares with PMS and hormonal imbalance. The soothing supplement helps to support the system, working to combat mood swings and calm.

Nightmare has been extensively researched and uses natural herbs (including chaste tree berry, dandelion, raspberry, chamomile, skullcap and passion flower) with magnesium, trace elements, minerals, glutathione and other antioxidants to help. In addition, this supplement can also be fed to rigs and stallions if needed.

Nightmare Hormonal Mare Supplement is available in 750g, 1.5kg and 3kg tubs. Feeding suggestions depend on the situation, with lower, maintenance and higher guideline supplied. At maintenance level (15g per day), a 750g tub would last for 50 days which, based on the RRP in May 2014, works out at 51p per day.

Nightmare LiquidWe also have a liquid Nightmare supplement, formerly known as Temperamental, to help support hormone imbalance and mood swings.

This liquid herbal multiblend helps to maintain a balanced hormonal system using a pure herbal formula. In this liquid, you’ll find chaste tree berry, dandelion, raspberry, chamomile and skullcap- herbs chosen for the way that they support hormones.

Nightmare Liquid is available in 1L bottles, which at a feeding recommendation of 15ml per day, will last for 66 day. Based on the RRP in May 2014, feeding Nightmare Liquid costs 38p per day.

To find out more about either of these products, just see the Calming category on our website. To discuss your mare and her issues, why not send us an email and we’ll do our best to help you.

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