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29 June 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Equimins Advance Concentrate Pellets

Equimins Advance Concentrate Pellets

Equimins Advance Concentrate represents a huge breakthrough in modern nutrition for the equine world. For the first time, an important new source of bio available minerals have been used in an equine diet previously only available in human nutrition. Advance Concentrate contains what can only be described as a truly superb combination of ingredients. The pellets are produced in a cold pelleting system without added steam so that none of the valuable ingredients are degraded by heat, as in most other conventional pelleting systems.

The average horse would receive 80 grams a day which means that a 2 kg tub will last 25 days, a 4 kg tub 50 days and a 10 kg tub 125 days.

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Equimins Advance Concentrate PowderWe also offer our Advance Concentrate in powder format. The powder would normally be used where a wet mash feed is offered, or if your horse prefers powder to pellets.

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Advance Concentrate in both Pellet and Powder format comes with a full money back warranty. Feed it to your horse for a two month period, along with your usual feeding regime, and if you haven’t seen an improvement in overall condition, we will refund all the money you have spent, no questions asked.

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