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17 March 2015 ~ 0 Comments

What is azoturia?

Azoturia is an unpleasant condition that compromises the horse’s muscles and usually happens during exercise. It’s a condition that should be treated seriously and should be confirmed by a vet as it’s more than just a little uncomfortable. The pain caused can increase the horse’s pulse rate and can make the horse appear to seize up. In severe cases, the horse is unable to move and, in this situation, it must be treated as an emergency.

There are a variety of reasons why horses suffer from an episode of azoturia. It can be a mismatch between the horse’s feed and workload, it could be connected with dehydration or it could be that the horse is prone to tying up.

If you horse has ‘tied-up’, then it’s best to call the vet. Blood and urine tests may be required to confirm an episode of azoturia and to ensure that that is the problem. After this, the horse’s management, feed, training and, really, every aspect of its care should be examined to see if any potential cause can be established. Managing a horse with azoturia may require different management, including supplements that are designed to help support muscle function and to prevent dehydration. Electrolytes may be suggested as part of the horse’s feeding regime moving forward.

We make two different types of electrolyte (Revitalyte Electro Salts and Electrolyte Paste) as well as a liquid supplement called Dee-Tye & Drink that supports healthy muscle function and also encourages the horse to drink, to help prevent dehydration.


Dee-Tye & Drink 1 ltr 382 white bgDee-Tye & Drink: 

  • Contains natural antioxidants, trace elements, minerals, body salts, D-alpha Tocopherol acetate (a source of vitamin E), selenium and citric acid.
  • It supports muscle function and encourages the horse to drink.
  • The suggested amount for a horse is 30ml per day with an additional 50ml following hard work.
  • A 1L has a RRP of £11.55 (correct as of March ’15) which works out to 35p per day.

Electrolyte Paste:

  • Supports recovery from exhaustion and fatigue and supplies essential body salts.
  • Contains body salts and essential calcium and trace elements.
  • The 30ml tube should be dispensed into the back of the horse’s mouth following strenuous activity. A 30ml tube costs just £2.99 (correct as of March ’15)

Revitalyte Electro Salts 

  • This balanced formulation contains essential body salts and minerals to replace depleted levels caused by strenuous exercise and excessive sweating.
  • Can be dissolved into water or added to feed.
  • A 1kg tub will last 33 days and has a RRP of £12.95 (correct as of March ’15)


To find out more about our Performance range of supplements, just see the website.

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