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25 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Squeaky clean without water

When the sun is shining and the temperature is in the 20s, there are few things nicer than giving your horse a wash down with a lovely shampoo before a show or competition. But, when the temperature plummets and there’s a howling gale, getting out the hosepipe to get ready for a show seems, well, very unnecessary! Obviously your horse needs to be clean, but do you both need to freeze in the process? No, we don’t think so either…and we have two cracking products to help.

Dry Clean is our waterless body cleanser. It can be used all year round, whenever your horse needs a spruce up dryclean-500ml-trigger-bottle-1-tand you don’t have the time or desire to shampoo him fully. It comes in a trigger spray bottle for easy application and should be sprayed on, worked into the coat, left to work for around five minutes, then dried with a towel. Dry Clean contains natural grain spirit to cleanse the coat, allantoin for cell renewal and tea tree oil too. It’s a very handy grooming kit item…and one that your horse will be thrilled you own too!

StainRemove500ml copyStain Remover is designed to spot treat rather than give an overall clean. The spray on clear lotion works on stable and grass stains and is really easy to apply, just spray on, work into the stain, allow to penetrate and then rinse with warm water…that’s it!

So, when your horse is clean and show ready and neither of you are soaked to the skin this winter, just think of us!

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