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16 March 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Show preparation tips

If you’re looking for ways to make your horse shine in the show ring, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we look at different ways to help your horse look his very best in the show ring using tips, tricks and terrific products designed for the job…


  • Enhance – considering using a shampoo that enhances your horse’s coat colour. We’re not talking about dyeing the coat, but shampoos like our Blue, Red and Dark help to enhance depth of colour and add lustre and shine as they clean and condition.
  • Trim – trimming away any long hair can really enhance the horse’s appearance, as can tidying up fetlocks and ears. If you don’t own any trimmers or clippers, don’t worry, great results can be achieved with scissors and a comb when used properly.
  • Sheen – using a coat shine like Ultra Shine Groomer doesn’t JUST make the coat shine, it also helps to repel dust and dirt from first use, ultra_shine_groomer_500mlso it can be used during the preparation stages at home and at the show. It’ll also help reduce grooming times.
  • Be careful – if you use baby oil as a way to enhance your horse’s features, be aware that this can cause skin to burn if exposed to strong sunlight. If you’re showing in the summer, be extra aware of this potential issue.
  • Detangle – a flowing tail and, if the class allows, mane, can really enhances the horse’s overall appearance. A specialist product, like Ultra Silky Detangler, is the perfect way to detangle, add shine and also acts as a grooming aid from first application. Using baby oil is also an option for a quick fix.
  • Time – ALWAYS allow more time that you think you need to get your horse ready. It always takes longer than you think!
  • Quick fix – if it’s too cold to bath your horse, opt for a waterless body cleanser like Dry Clean. It’ll save you time, prevent your horse getting cold and will clean and enhance the coat too.
  • shampoo_blue_100ml (1) copyElbow grease – regularly grooming your horse is essential if you want him to shine in the show ring. Great products help, but can only support the work of a proper grooming regime that stimulates the coat’s natural oils.
  • Whiten – using a whitening or brightening shampoo (like Blue Shampoo) at home is a good way to make socks and stockings really shine, but if you’re not getting the results you want, consider a whitening product like Leg & Body Whitener.
  • Where to apply – don’t use any kind of detangling product on hair you’re trying to plait, and don’t use any type of coat sheen where the saddle sits. Both products will make the horse’s hair slippery!!
  • Gloves – if you’re using equine make up or black hoof polish, or any other coloured product, consider wearing gloves to prevent your hands from taking on that colour!
  • Plait perfection – if you need to plait, leave plenty of time to do it! Make sure you’ve washed the mane a few days in advance (as a super clean mane is very tricky to plait!) and consider using a product like Plaiting Liquid to make plaiting easier. Some people plait the day before and then cover the horse’s neck overnight. Tights and rubber bands work well for this.


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