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25 May 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Serenity Calming Supplements for horse and rider

Equimins Serenity Calming SupplementHere at Equimins, our Serenity Calming Supplements for horse and rider have a high specification that uses very digestible sources of magnesium that are proven to have a considerable calming effect on the horse. After extensive trials with this product, we are delighted with what the results have shown and proven. Serenity Calming Supplement has a very high specification. Ordinary magnesium oxide or sulphate has not been used as they are not digested very well by a horse. Instead, magnesium which is bound to an amino acid of protein is used. In addition, this calmer is free from valerian which is now banned in competition. Serenity Calming Supplements for horse and rider is a supplement to help induce calmness and tranquillity. After extensive trials with this product, we are delighted with the results. We have included Magnesium Fumerate and Magnesium bound to a protein, making it very available. Together with important amino acids and B vitamins, this is a quite a breakthrough in modern nutrition to find a calmer without the use of valerian which is now not allowed in competition.

In addition to this product, the Equimins Serenity Calming Supplements for horse and rider range also includes a liquid calmer and a calm down paste for horses and two rider products.

Equimins Serenity Liquid Calmer

Equimins Serenity Horse and Riders Calming Fluid

Equimins Serenity Riders Chill Out Calmer Capsules

Equimins Serenity Calm Down Paste

Serenity calming supplements for horse and rider comes in 1.5kg and 3kg tubs. A 1.5kg tub will last the average horse around 40 days.

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