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28 July 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Hoof moisturising products

Great hoof health comes from the inside, but we know that the environment- things like hot summers, wet winter ground and bedding that dries the hoof, can have a big impact on the way a hoof looks and its condition. To nourish the hoof from the inside, we have a great range of hoof supplements. To help maintain moisture levels, we have a superb array of creams, gels, balms and lotions to aid this…

Hoof Moisturising Balm is a rich, soothing, clear balm that helps to lock moisture in, to prevent drying, cracks and splitting. The balm provides a nourishing layer on the hoof wall and also adds a natural sheen, making it suitable for shows too. See more here.

Hoof Moisturising Cream contains tea tree oil, MSM and zinc in addition to a range of other ingredients to help hooves retain their moisture and to prevent cracking and splitting. It’s natural in colour and also adds shine. Find out more here.

hoof_moist_gel_500gHoof Moisturising Gel (Black) is ideal for black hooves and can also be used to add shine. It helps the hoof to retain moisture, protect from bedding and hot weather, and helps to prevent cracking and splitting. Find out more here.

Hoof Moisturising Lotion is supplied in a handy tub with a brush in the lid for easy application. It helps the hoof to retain moisture. It’s fortified with MSM and lanolin to help nourish the hoof wall. Find out more here. 

To see our full hoof range, just visit the website.

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