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17 March 2015 ~ 0 Comments

How to feed electrolytes

There’s more than one way to add electrolytes to your horse’s diet, which can be very useful if he’s a fussy feeder…

  • Add electrolytes to water. This is probably the most obvious way of giving your horse electrolytes. It’s easy to do as you equimins-revitalyte-electro-saltsjust need to dissolve the suggested amount into the correct amount of water. Make sure that there’s also a bucket of electrolyte free water available, just in case your horse doesn’t like the taste! Our Revitalyte Electro Salts are ideal for this.
  • Add electrolytes to feed. Adding electrolytes in this way is probably one of the easiest ways to add electrolytes to horse’s feed each day as you know that if he’s cleared his bowl, he’s eaten the electrolytes. Our Revitalyte Electro Salts are ideal for this.
  • Use a syringe. This method is particularly useful if the horse has sustained heavy sweat loss, to ensure he received the essential body salts he needs quickly. Our Electrolyte Paste is made for the job!

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