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04 February 2013 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use? Lucy tells us about Arthur and Super Plus Competition Supplement



Equimins customer Lucy Counsell sent us an email about our Super Plus Competition Supplement, and we wanted to share what she had to say:525535_10150861900992932_444207556_n

“I currently have one horse called Bakkelys Tornado (Arthur) who is a chestnut gelding and 17hh. He is owned by Lizzie Milton who rescued him as a 7yo. He was in a terrible state and was fed back to health by his owner before being sent off to be broken in. I had him shortly after he was broken in and have produced him currently up to BE100 level/Newcomers BSJA. Arthur is a lovely horse who tries hard but is quite a buzzy character. Fingers crossed he will go novice this season and I have some big goals but as with anything to do with horses, I write my goals in concrete and my plans in sand.


“I work full time for a large international retail company. I have to be at work at 8.15am and I drive for 40 minutes to get to work which means in the winter I see my horse only in the dark on weekdays. For me Winter Solstice (21st Dec) is the day I look forward to the most knowing that winter is over and Spring is on its way and the eventing season! Every year I wonder why I am addicted to a sport which means I never go on holiday, never have new clothes and generally make sacrifices to be able to afford it financially but 5 minutes of galloping round a challenging cross country makes it all worthwhile (providing the dressage and show jumping have been good!)

“I have learnt over the years that the harder you work with horses, the luckier you get. I am lucky to have some great horse friends and I try to give something back by volunteering for the Area 12 RC committee. I am responsible for organising training in our area which covers Dorset, Devon and Somerset. It’s usually fun to organise as I get a subsidy to use which reduces the costs for members. I have Lizzie Murray coming to teach which I am quite excited about. I try to have regular lessons but tend to stick to the same people who I know and trust.

“I am fussy about what I feed to my horse. I am lucky that Arthur lives on a farm so has access to good hay and lots of turnout. I feed straight feeds as I like to be able to alter according to the level of work the horse is in, the way they feel and how they look. I also think they offer better value for money. I have been recently converted to Equimins Super Plus after winning a tub in a dressage competition. Normally in January, I often find horses can drop off slightly in weight but this year Arthur has continued to look great in his coat and hold his weight well.  I have been really pleased with how cost effective it has been and it is definitely a product I will continue to use. Despite all the mud and being a chestnut his feet have continued to look great and I have *touch wood* managed to avoid any mud fever.

“Equimins fits in with my ethos of good quality products at good prices and is the first place I consider if I need additional supplements.”

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Equimins Super Plus Supplement 

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