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18 May 2015 ~ 0 Comments

SOEquine – Good riddance winter, hello Spring!

Here’s the latest blog from guest blogger Sophie Ostler…

Winter wooliesIt has been a very long winter for us; riding has taken a back seat as usual, but not for want of trying. Our lack of facilities makes it almost impossible but somehow I managed to keep things just ticking over, despite the snow that interrupted play on multiple occasions. I absolutely love snow, but it is totally impractical… in my opinion just once a year would be perfect, preferably on Christmas day!

But on the bright side the long winter has given me a chance to catch up on all the other chores on my never-ending job list…

I have a new website, finally, it was almost finished at Christmas but I changed my mind about the design and started all over again from scratch. I have a new ‘Tried and Tested’ feature, where I will be sharing reviews of products, and I am really looking forward to sharing some great results from using Equimins products!

Minnie in the round penThe round pen is up, Jason and Minnie have had a play, and I had forgotten how much I love working in a round pen. Minnie loved it too and I am looking forward to doing some bareback and bridleless riding with her this summer.

Next up in the round pen will be Ferdy; he has just turned three and is more than ready to get cracking! So far he is proving to be a very clever and willing student; I’m convinced that he has already done everything before. He didn’t need anyone to show him how to lunge; he just did it, which is very handy when you are short of helpers! Regardless of his trainability and potential I won’t be rushing him. Ferdy still looks like a big baby to me and I am looking at the long term, with plenty of groundwork, some in-hand shows, lots of life experience and hacking. I hope this will lead to a very long successful dressage career. He’s such an exciting boy – I am very lucky.

All of my horses are in great health, and looking absolutely fantastic, but I wouldn’t expect any different – my feed room must resemble the Equimins warehouse! Minnie has responded very well to her Cushing’s medication, and has been malting by the bucket load to reveal a sleek glossy coat (no clippers in sight) which makes for a very happy Sophie and a very comfortable Minnie.

Jason is ready and raring to go, after last year’s setbacks let’s hope we have more luck with him this year. Dare I say HOYS? (eek! shhhh).

I can’t wait to get out competing again, but first and foremost we will be concentrating on lots of lessons, home training and preparation, building the foundations to success… well that’s the plan anyway!

I escaped the office recently and revisited my past by being a groom! I spent a day at Angela Weiss’s yard, Papplewick Equestrian Centre, with Paralympics dressage rider Sophie Wells who is lovely and really is an inspiration, she never stops and deserves all of the success in the world, oh and she bought me a hot chocolate – so extra brownie points for that! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the experience really served to drive me on with my ambitions, reminding me how much I want to get out of my office job and spend all day, every day, playing with horses… who doesn’t right?

And the best news of all… we are moving! Just as soon as we find somewhere that ticks all of the boxes, we want more equestrian facilities, more land and more stables… which can only mean one thing – more horses! (I’m doing a little happy dance right now).

Needless to say, 2015 gets the big thumbs up so far!

Until next time…




Find out more about Sophie at www.soequine.co.uk

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