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26 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Calming support for riders

If you get a little anxious when you’re about to climb aboard, whether at a show or at home, we have a couple of products that might help.

equimins-serenity-riders-chill-out-calmer-capsules-Serenity Riders Chill Out Calmer Capsules can be taken a couple of hours before you ride, to help induce calm without lethargy. They contain very digestible sources of magnesium along with B-vitamins and herbs and can help to restore tranquility and calm. Find out more here.

For use with the capsules or on its own, Serenity Horse & Riders Calming Fluid can be applied to the hands, wrists, forehead and neck before riding, to help you relax. The aromatic liquid is safe to use and helps to relieve tension. It comes in a handy pocket sized bottle too, making it easy to carry and use when needed. Find out more here.

We know that a horse feels a rider’s tension; in fact, a rider’s anxiety can make the horse more anxious and excitable! This can elevate the rider’s concerns…and so the vicious circle continues! Helping to overcome nerves when riding isn’t easy, but it can be done. Speaking to your instructor or even talking to a sports psychologist might also help. There are lots of people who can help tackle anxiety issues…so don’t give up!

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