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22 August 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Milk thistle joins Laminator’s impressive formulation

When we create a product, we don’t just say ‘that’s it- it’s perfect’…we’re always looking at ways to enhance it as different ingredients become available and new research comes to light. Take Serenity Ultra Calm + for example. It was good before…actually, it was very good, and many of our customers experienced excellent results. However, we started researching the use of calcium, trialled a new formula that included calcium carbonate chelate and were so impressed that we upgraded an already very successful product…that’s what we’re all about! Of course, we believe in each product we sell, something that we back up by a money back guarantee on many lines. We know that they work, we’ve done the trials, we’ve tested it and we listen to feedback, but we want you to be confident that, at Equimins, we’re always striving to be even better.

Laminator Powder

That leads us on to a very exciting addition to our already popular Laminator supplement. As you may know, it contains over 40 active ingredients that address different areas of the horse’s body that could be compromised in a horse prone to laminitis. We use hesperidin, feverfew and ascorbic acid to make the blood capillaries more elastic, to increase blood flow to the laminar corum, we include zinc and biotin for the hooves, we include Saccharomyces cerivisae yeast to help support the gut…you get the idea. Now we’re pleased to say that we’re adding the herb milk thistle to our formula.

“I have been working on the theory that the liver plays a big part in hoof nutrition and, because of this, we have included milk thistle herb in Hoofmender 75 now for some time,” says David Willey, MD of Equimins. “We’ve had some very interesting results reported back from a customer with a laminitic pony on how positive she believes milk thistle has been in aiding her pony’s recovery. We’ve been working on this for a while, but now we’re pleased to say that we’re including milk thistle, at very generous levels, in Laminator, and we’re been able to do this without increasing the price.”

Milk thistle is a small, prickly plant that’s native to the Mediterranean region- it gets its name from the milky fluid that leaks out of the stem and leaves when broken. It’s often recommended for liver support and cleansing, but recent studies also indicate it can help levels of cholesterol and the kidneys.

For more information on Laminator, please see the website, or contact us.

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