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15 April 2015 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use…James Mann?

In this month’s ‘What do you use?’ we speak to James Mann about his 17.3hh Irish Draught gelding, Tom.

10253894_10152458334093900_4618568288561542811_n“I’ve owned Tom since October 2012.  My parents bought him for me to help with my studies as I had just enrolled onto an equine course at Salford College.  I am now coming to the end of Level 3 in the summer of this year.

“Tom is 7 years old and stands at 17.3hh and is still growing!  He is a gentle giant with a placid nature. We are so in tune with each other and how we are feeling; he can tell when I’m not feeling 100%.  He totally and wholeheartedly looks after me.

“Tom is an allrounder. I do many disciplines like dressage, show jumping and cross country. We both enjoy show jumping where we now find ourselves in the rosettes but our passion is dressage where we have spent many hours working on this particular discipline.  All this paid off last year when we were awarded the Senior Cup on our yard for Dressage.   We don’t just stay indoors to compete, our yard last year held three cross country events.  Tom loved it!

equimins-biotin936175_304471409684859_1875801227_n“I have used many different types of supplements and they never worked as well as Equimins. I use Vitamin E and Selenium Supplement….I use this as Tom has stiff back legs due to too much lactic acid. I also use Biotin 15 as Tom has weak hooves and the biotin helps him keep them healthy and strong, I use the grooming spray Dry Clean as it brings up all the dirt on his skin and it works wonders for when he has fun rolling in muck, I also use Equimins’ Purple Spray which I use a lot for Tom’s cuts to protect them. I also buy bags of the herbal treats for Tom as they are good value and are good for Tom…not that he complains about them! I never have any issues with Equimins they are always helpful and reliable and incredibly fair with the prices.

“As you can tell Tom is more than a horse to me, he is a very special part of our family.”


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