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14 February 2016 ~ 0 Comments

5 reasons to feed Pro-Bio Supplement

If you’re looking for a general purpose or vitamin and mineral supplement for your horse, you have to read this blog! In this blog, we talk about Pro-Bio Supplement, a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement that also includes high levels of probiotics that support a healthy gut. Wondering why you should buy Pro-Bio? Here are our top five reasons (there are many, many more!)…


  • It has it all! Looking to supply your horse with the vitamins and minerals he needs to support overall health? Pro-Bio has a big tick in that box! In addition, it contains organically bound minerals for maximum digestibility and amino acids too.
  • It’s cost effective. If you buy a 3kg tub for £32.35 (price correct Feb ’16), it should last the average horse for 100 days, which means it’ll cost you just 32p per day to feed. Compare this price with other general purpose supplements available and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. equimins-pro-bio-supplementCompare it with products of this specification and you’ll be really impressed!
  • It has high levels of probiotics that support the digestive system and also the immune system. It contains generous levels of lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium as well as prebiotics and saccharomyvces cerivisae yeast.
  • It has a high specification, so you don’t need to feed a lot. We suggest that ponies receive 15g per day, that horses receive 30g per day, and large horses receive 45g per day. That’s it!
  • It can be fed to all horses – you don’t need different supplements for the horses in your herd! It’s also very useful for horses with sensitive digestive systems as it helps to support a healthy, balanced gut.

To find out more about Pro-Bio, just see the website here. If you’d like even more information or to talk about your horses, just contact us. We’d love to help.





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