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21 August 2013 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use?

August can be a tricky time when it comes to feed with the growing grass often leading to reduced hard feed rations or, in some cases, no concentrated feed at all! Even though feed might be abundant thanks to the green stuff, supplements and topical products are still used to help promote health and more. We asked our Facebook fans what they were using feeding now…here’s what they had to say…

Kate says: “I am using Flexijoint, Devil’s Claw, Soya Oil and Cider Vinegar on my 15 year old who has navicular and this combination is proving fantastic for him. On my 3 year old I am using Serenity, Soya Oil and Cider Vinegar for his coat. Both my boys are doing great on your products….”

Jen says: “My 6 year old TB is currently just on Tip Top Powder and Garlic Granules…oh, and Hoof Moisturiser…”

advance_complete_pellets copyJoanne says: “I use the Advance Concentrate on my 19 year old mare who stays in fab condition with little hard feed as it’s such a high spec plus great levels of copper and zinc and no iron! Great for the barefoot folk amongst us.”

Lauren says: “I use Flexijoint, Biotin and Seaweed on my boy Milo to keep his legs healthy and his coat shinier.”

Annemarie says: “My WB has Advance formula to keep him tip top, Garlic powder, he loves it, Flexijoint and Marigold and Clivers along with chaff. He looks fantastic. I also use the Fly Spray, Mane and Tail Spray, Citronella Shampoo and the Leather Cleaning Spray, fantastic the night before a show.

Jay says: “I run a small yard with residents from mini Shetlands to Shire horses. We produce for the show ring. All are on Soya Oil, flexijoint_600g_tubCider Vinegar and Garlic. We also use Linseed Cooked and Oil, Jointflex HA, Glucosamine and the stallion is on Serenity

…then she added…

“Forgot that we also use Extra Strength Fly Spray, Microlat Disinfectant, Animal Shampoo, Aloe Gel…”

…then she added…

Stable Fresh Disinfectant and have had fab results with Advance Balancer…”

…then she added…

“and Hoof Mender


We’re very fond of Jay! In all seriousness, we love hearing from all our Facebook fans and would like to thank everyone who contributed towards this blog!

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