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14 April 2016 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use…Liz Smith

Liz emailed us about her lovely horse Matrix, what he eats and why he’s definitely an Equimins fan!

Unknown-5Meet Matrix, he’s a Pure Bred Spanish (PRE) Gelding who came over to the UK as a 5 year old and who I’ve owned for the last 8 years. He’s truly my horse of a lifetime; very hot, very handsome and very brave. He can turn his hoof to most things and has taught me a huge amount. He loves attention and more so when people come armed with a camera! He’s been a model for a professional artist and paintings of him now grace homes in the UK, Dubai and the USA. I also commissioned a bronze of him by the very talented equine sculptor, Sarah Coward, who has done Miner’s Frolic and Chilli Morning.

As I work long hours with my job, we have recently been restricting ourselves to schooling and hacking. But Matrix does love a good outing and has done a couple of sponsored rides – including the fabulous one at Burghley. He loves a posh arena and doesn’t seem to be phased by banners and loudspeakers. He’s also shown he’s a dab hand at jumping.

As Matrix is never lacking energy, and since sugar is an enemy of most Spanish horses, he Unknown-7pretty much lives on fresh air and I’m lucky that he has always been in good health. By chance I read about Fenugreek and as Matrix produces his best work in the school when he is relaxed, I thought I would give it a go. I picked up a pack of Equimins Fenugreek and gave him a bit to try. Well, to say that he took to it straight away is an understatement; I think he would have eaten the whole 1 kilo pack at one sitting if I had let him! It’s as thought I had just offered him a whole bucketful of mints. He’s seen more chilled when being schooled and doesn’t seem as gassy. 

When we ran out I struggled to get any more Equimins Fenugreek I had to go for another brand, well he turned his nose up at it (even though it was more expensive!). Luckily I managed to get a couple of bags of Equimins and so all is good in Matrix’s world again!

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