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16 April 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Grooming for glory!

We know you want your horse to look his best, and to add that final flourish to help your horse outshine its rivals, we have some great products that are show season must haves…here’s how they work together…

If you want your horse to look his best, a great place to start is with a shampoo, to wash away the dirt and grime. We have quite a range of shampoos to help you do this…

Animal Shampoo– a medicated cleansing shampoo that can be used on horses and livestock

Blue Shampoo– for grey and white coats (now available in trial sizes for just 99p)

Citronella Shampoo– a rich shampoo with a distinctive citronella aroma

Dark Shampoo– for dark and black coats (now available in trial sizes for just 99p)

Microlat Horse Shampoo– to help cleanse the coat of bacteria and fungi

Red Shampoo– for chestnut coats (now available in trial sizes for just 99p)

Tea Tree Shampoo– a shampoo with a conditioner and tea tree oil to thoroughly cleanse the coat

dryclean-500ml-trigger-bottle-1-tIf the weather or time available means a full shampoo isn’t an option, then fear not as our waterless shampoo, Dry Clean, can clean the body and remove grass stains, stable stains, dirt and grime without any water- a really useful product to have in store!


ultra_shine_groomer_500mlWhen the horse is dry, consider using a product like Groomer Ultra Shine for a bright gleaming coat with added lustre. This product also helps to repel dust and dirt and can even be used on manes and tails to help keep them tangle free. If you’re looking for this purpose alone, then Detangler Ultra Silky is the one for you, or Professional Concentrated Detangler, which also helps to strength and repair hair. See how to use these products here 


On the day of the show itself, the products to best suit your needs depends on what kind of event you’re attending. If you’re plaiting, then Plaiting Liquid makes this potentially troublesome job a breeze by making the hair stiff for a few minutes to allow you to plait, and then drying to help keep plaits firm whilst looking natural all day long. Our Quarter Marker is another product designed to help maintain a great appearance all day long. See how to use Plaiting Liquid here 

EnhGloss-100g copy

For those who show, Showring Greasepaint can be blended to get the perfect shade to cover blemishes, with Enhancing Gloss on hand to help accentuateyour horse’s best bits- perfect for use around the eyes and nose.



And, whatever you do, keep a bottle of Stain Remover close by. It’s a great way to remove stable and grass stains that have been collected the night before your event, and ideal for removing any new stains acquired during time in the lorry or trailer! See how to use it here

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