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15 June 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Keeping flies away this summer

There are so many things to love about the summer- the lighter evenings, the warmer temperatures and a reduction in mud. However, this all comes at a cost, and this is flies, midges and biting insects. Although banishing flies is not something that we’re able to do, there are lots of ways to help keep flies away from your horse…here are our top tips…

  1. Fly Repellent Gel 3535Use fly repellent! There are lots of different fly repellents out there (see our Fly & Midge range for a great selection), and choosing to use one can help to reduce the number of flies around your horse.
  2. Give them shelter. Providing the horse with shelter during the day, when the flies are at their worst can really help. You may decide to stable your horse during the day, or you might find that they use a field shelter when the flies get too much for them.
  3. Keep clean. Flies are attracted to many things, but manure, rubbish, rotting anything and feed are certainly high on the list! If your horse is stabled for any portion of the day, make sure you keep the stable as clean as possible to prevent attracting flies. Equally bins around the yard need to be emptied regularly and feed needs to be kept covered with the feed room regularly swept to prevent flies and other pests.
  4. Keep covered. If you have a real fly problem or your horse finds it all too much, consider fly rugs and/or masks to help keep flies away from the horse’s body. These are usually lightweight, breathable and comfortable, so the horse shouldn’t have any issue with wearing one.
  5. Traps. There are a number of different fly traps available that can make a real difference. At the most basic end of the spectrum, you have fly papers, but you can also use special baited traps to lure them in, or specially designed units that attract and capture specific sorts of flies.

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