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15 November 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Work Load

Many owners overestimate the amount of work their horse does, yet it is crucial in ensuring both optimum nutrition and cost effective feeding. The following descriptions should help you to decide which category your horse falls into.

Light Work

Horses in light work are exercised three or four times weekly between 1-2 hours per day, including walk, trot and canter, plus leisure rides. They include horses competing at the lower levels of dressage and show jumping.

Moderate Work

Horses in moderate work typically have a structured training programme and will be exercised most days. They may be competing at upper level dressage and show jumping, including 2 day eventing. Polo ponies, endurance horses and young racehorses undergoing breaking and training would fall into this category.

Heavy Work

These horses will be training and competing at the peak of their physical fitness. Active racehorses and those competing at three day event level fit into this classification.




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