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01 May 2014 ~ 0 Comments

SOEquine’s latest blog…happy birthday to Ferdy!

We love hearing from Sophie from SOEquine, and this month’s blog is a great read. We’d like to wish Ferdy a very Happy Birthday…and we’re keeping everything crossed for a drier May…over to Sophie…

After our successful first show of the year in March when Jason qualified for the Equestrian Life Championships… April has turned out to be a big competitive disappointment, literally a wash-out! I was hoping to share all of our victories, but four shows that were scribbled on our calendar were all cancelled due to soggy ground conditions. Jason is going to a show this coming weekend, so fingers crossed May will be more eventful than April was, and I will have some good news to share next month!

We’ve been enjoying the warmer weather, and lighter evenings. Minnie is back in work, we have our first pleasure ride booked in at the end of May for Grass Sickness awareness. Her first show will be in June, and then it will be time to start preparing her for some jumping. I started clipping the woolly mammoth yesterday and I was so relieved to see she isn’t as fat as she appeared, it was mostly hair… The Equimins Advanced Concentrate Complete has suited her well and she looks amazing, well she will do when I finish clipping her, at the moment she has a very bad haircut! She is a good doer but I will continue to feed her this throughout the summer to ensure she gets her vitamins and minerals…

Birthday Boy Ferdy/SOEquine

Birthday boy Ferdy!

Ferdy turned two years old this month, we will do a little more practice at home and then it will be his turn for some In-hand shows, he is such a character, I can’t wait to see how he performs!

Last weekend I put my Equine Behaviourist boots back on after a 6 year break, to help my friend Michelle with her reluctant loader. A very successful outcome and it felt so good to be doing behavioural work again, I may have to find time to do it as a hobby!

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