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17 December 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Feeding fibre this festive season

Feeding fibre isn’t just for Christmas, it’s something that should be done all year round – in fact – it’s one of the 10 rules of feeding that every horse owner should abide by!

The rules of feeding are there to help us keep our horses as happy and healthy as we can when it comes to feeding. There’s a reason behind each rule, and the rule about feeding fibre is no different.

advance_powder_4kgHorses are ‘designed’ to eat fibre – from the way their teeth are to the way the gut works (see our natural feeding feature for more). Many horses thrive on fibre alone, when fed alongside a general purpose supplement or balancer like Advance Concentrate Complete, but even those who feed hard feed need to remember this rule. Fibre is more than something for sustenance. Good fibre levels help to…

  • keep the gut functioning correctly
  • reduce the risk of digestive issues
  • keep the horse warm in the winter as the fibre ferments inside the gut
  • keep him occupied for longer as it takes much longer to eat fibre in contrast to hard feed
  • keep the horse occupied in the stable, which could help to reduce stable vices caused by boredom

…and that’s just the start!

Even performance horses need to maintain a high fibre diet – the ‘rules’ say that a horse’s diet should be made up of at least 50% fibre…certainly food for thought!

To find out more about fibre feeding, please contact us. To find out more about Advance Concentrate Complete, please see the website.

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