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16 March 2016 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use Maria Rochfort-Hyde?

Maria got it touch with us to tell us all about her lovely horse TB…

11418491_10208423262366796_1776926873_n“I use your Hoof Mender 75 pellets and Serenity Liquid calmer on my TB. The farrier said, when I took his shoes off, he would never go barefoot and he is a rock cruncher now! I put this down to diet and the supplement!

“I must also tell you that I am stage five cancer fighter and he is the only thing that keeps me going. Without your pellets, I don’t think he would be as sound for me to ride. Every ride counts for us and when I am having radiotherapy, he is all I think about.

“I bought TB. Almost two years ago. My old event horse had gone and I wanted one last potential competition horse. When we got him, he immediately ripped off a shoe and we decided to transition him to barefoot. He was so lame without shoes he had to have boots on 12 hours a day in the field and abscesses several times. At the same time I broke four rods in a fall competing and had to take time out to heal so we nursed each other

with dreams of the future. Unfortunately, in October 14 I was diagnosed with the dreaded cancer and had a huge op. Whilst recovering from this, he continued to improve, but was still so sore that when we wanted to bring him in I had to sweep the drive and lay mats down. It was Christmas time when we began ground work and I first ordered Equimins’ Hoof Mender 75 pellets. In the March, we began ridden work. Despite my health challenges and further surgery and radiation, we have continued at a slow pace to move forward. I follow all the advice for barefoot horses with a clean diet, etc. but feel it’s the Hoof Mender 75 pellets that tipped the balance. Now I have a fully barefoot tb called TB. It is he who gives me strength”


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