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27 January 2014 ~ 0 Comments

What is Cider Apple Vinegar…and why should I use it?

Who doesn’t love vinegar? It’s great on chips with a little salt, makes a super salad dressing and can even be used to make glass shine…but none of these properties mean it’s good for us! However, Cider Apple Vinegar is one of those products that keeps appearing in health food shops, and it’s a popular supplement for horses as well as livestock and poultry…but why is this? And why could Cider Apple Vinegar make a good addition to your horse or chicken’s diet?

As the name suggests, Cider Apple Vinegar comes from apples. The sugars in the apples are broken down and turned into alcohol. This then ferments a little bit more of you’ve got Cider Apple Vinegar.

Cider Apple Vinegar is a natural product that’s a probiotic and can help to restore appetite. It can also help to improve coat condition, cleanse the system, support the pulmonary system…and can even be fed to help promote joint health.

Cider Apple VinegarAt Equimins, we have pure Cider Apple Vinegar that is unpasteurised and comes with the all important ‘mother’. This gel like substance contains lots of nutrients and important trace elements and isn’t seen in inferior products. This Cider Apple Vinegar can be added to the horse’s feed or water. With a 5L bottle lasting for 100 days and a RRP of £14.25, it’s excellent value for money.

We’ve also included Cider Apple Vinegar in our Air Power Booster supplement. This, as the name suggests, helps to support the horse’s respiratory function and costs from £8.95.

We make a Cider Apple Vinegar for livestock and poultry, under our Country Living brand. This helps to promote good overall health in poultry and also contains the ‘mother’, which grows naturally on the surface and is packed with powerful enzymes and minerals. It’s available in 1L, 2.5L and 5L bottles with just 10ml needed per litre of drinking water. Prices start from £4.95.

Prices correct in January 2014.

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