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08 November 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Equimins Mud Slide Lotion – Mud Slides Clean Off!

Equimins Mud Slide LotionThe mud is here, no doubt about that! With the mud comes the bacteria that sets up infection under the skin causing scabs and greasy heel. Prevention is better than cure, so with this in mind we have produced Equimins Mud Slide Lotion. It is a tried and tested preperation of pig oil saturated with sulphur. The oil works as the barrier, whilst the sulphur is a very effective antimicrobial agent. It will give your horse superb protection in very wet or muddy conditions and help prevent any infections.

Equimins Mud Slide Lotion is available in 500ml & 1 litre bottles.

  • 500 ml – £4.40
  • 1 litre – £7.15

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