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11 September 2015 ~ 0 Comments

What do you use…Melissa Palfreyman?

For this month’s ‘what do you use?’ blog, we speak to Melissa Palfreyman…

“My name is Melissa Palfreyman, I’m from Warrington and have two horses – a 15.2hh Connemara cross, 20 year old mare, called Marble and a two year old thoroughbred cross called Spyro. I went from having one horse on part loan to owning two of my own as of October last year! It’s been daunting having to make my own management and feeding decisions for them, but I’m loving every minute.

Melissa Palfreyman and Marble“I started loaning Marble in 2013 and bought her at the start of this year. She is schooled to elementary/medium level dressage and is slightly creaky in her joints. To help with this, she is on Equimins Flexijoint Liquid with devils claw and Equimins Turmeric Powder. The difference in her since I started feeding these is brilliant, she takes more weight behind, is sharper with more impulsion and she moves much more fluidly. She is currently off work with a tendon injury, but is staying supple despite the lack of work and I am hopeful we will be back out competing next year!

“Spyro has a bit of a sob story, he is an RSPCA rescue and was found by them extremely emaciated. When I got him, he had already grown a lot in a short space of time and grew even more, making up for his late development. This sadly resulted in OCD lesions in his hocks, which had to be operated on. I have been advised by my vets to start joint support supplements early and chose to feed the Equimins Flexijoint powder after seeing how well the liquid works on Marble. He wolfs it down and loves it – I am optimistic his joints will be well enough for him to be my future dressage horse once Marble has retired. He will hopefully start ground work next year, and then I plan to see just how far he can go dressage wise (and whether or not I can sit to his huge paces!)

“Both horses also get Equimins Cooked Linseed in their teas – their coats and skin are lovely and healthy (especially 20150803_151750Spyro who was scurfy with a poor coat when he first arrived, due to his bad start). They both also get Equimins Brewers Yeast, which I find keeps their guts moving and certainly makes Marble less sensitive around her tummy.

“Equimins are always really well priced, and having had experience with other joint supplements I can honestly say I’ve not seen one work so well on Marble. They’re my ‘go-to’ whenever the horses need any supplements now. Having two greys, I imagine the Blue Shampoo will be coming in handy next show season as well!”


Spyro has his own blog! To have a read, click here.



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