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18 May 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Hoof lotions and potions

With a lot of hoof products out there, we thought we’d give you a quick guide to our hoof care products that can be applied to the horse’s feet to help keep them healthy all year round. With hoof oils, hoof gels, hoof moisturisers and more, we wanted to give you the top points about each of them, so you can decide which is the best for you and your horse.

Hard & Healthy

  • Hoof hardener
  • Can be used for horses going barefoot or those with thin soles, splits and cracks. It can also help prevent the loss of shoes.
  • Should be applied two to three times a week all over the wall and sole.

Hoof DisinfectantHoof Disinfectant 

  • Spray on disinfectant liquid.
  • Contains safe but powerful bactericidal and fungicidal essential oils – ideal for helping to keep the hoof healthy.
  • So safe it can be used to clean minor wounds on the skin.

Hoof Disinfectant Gel

  • Gel disinfectant made using the same proven formulation as Hoof Disinfectant
  • Can be used in situations where reduced run off is needed.
  • Can be used for general health and for infections of the hoof.

Hoof Moisturising Balm 

  • Rich, clear balm in a handy tub
  • Helps to lock in moisture, prevent cracks and provides a long lasting waterproof and moisturising layer on the hoof.
  • Also contains aloe vera, neem oil and tea tree oil in addition to other ingredients

Hoof Moisturising Cream 

  • White cream to help the hoof to retain moisture, to prevent cracking and splitting.
  • Contains a range of ingredients including cetrimide, tea tree oil, zinc and MSM.
  • Should be applied each day for best results.

hoof_moist_gel_500gHoof Moisturising Gel (Black) 

  • Easy to apply gel that helps the hoof to retain moisture, to prevent cracking and splitting.
  • In addition to its moisturising benefits, this product also adds shine on the hoof
  • One of the latest additions to the hoof care rangr.

Hoof Moisturising Lotion

  • Simple to use brush on lotion to retain moisture in the hoof.
  • Supplied in a clever bottle with brush in the lid (400ml only).
  • Helps to prevent cracking and splitting.

Hoof Oil

  • Traditional product supplied in a bottle.
  • Specially formulated to help protect against splitting and cracking.
  • Uses a blend of Stockholm tar with two different sorts of oil and bactericide Microlat.

Solid Hoof Oil with Lanolin

  • Rich, black, solid hoof oil that can be applied with a brush.
  • Helps to nourish and protect from cracks and splits.
  • No mess or waste thanks to the solid presentation.

To see the rest of the Hoof range, see the website.


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