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Equimins Ltd Blog | Natural Horse Supplements, Supplies & Products Equimins specialises in producing natural horse supplies, products and supplements for the major areas associated with caring for a horse. All products are proudly made in the UK and excellent specification quality products are of paramount importance. Using this blog we want to share some of the knowledge we have gained through nearly 30 years of experience.

26 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Performance supplements for horses

Our Performance range is jam-packed full of great products to help your horse perform to the best of his ability. They’re designed for the job and complement correct management, training and fitness work…consider performance supplements as a member of your ‘team’. Here’s a whistle-stop tour of a few of our super supplements…see the full range here.

Good foundations…

equimins-advance-concentrate-powderWith all things, it’s important to have solid foundations on which to build, and feeding and supplementation is no different…that’s why we have Advance Concentrate Complete. This high specification balancer contains a superb combination of vitamins, trace elements and bio available minerals along with probiotics and a whole lot more. Advance Concentrate Complete can be fed to horses on a forage only diet, to top up missing nutrients when less than a full ration of a complete feed is fed…and it comes with a money back guarantee. Learn more here.

Marvellous muscles

Dee-Tye & Drink helps to support muscle function and can also help to prevent dehydration. The cherry flavoured liquid performance supplement contains natural antioxidants, trace elements, minerals, body salts, anti inflammatories, D-alpha Tocopherol acetate, selenium and citric acid. This combination encourages the horse to drink more and can be fed to horses prone to azoturia (tying up). Learn more here.

Salty saviour

Electrolyte Paste contains body salts, calcium and trace elements in one handy syringe. It can be given after strenuous exercise to help replace missing body salts, assists in recovery and it’s energy boosting. We also do a daily electrolyte supplement. Learn more here.

Love L-Carnitine

As a liquid or paste, L-Carnitine helps to improve performance, endurance and recovery. We included a feature in our March newsletter about it- read the newsletter here.

equimins-per4mance-booster-extra-energyGive ‘em a boost!

Our Per4mance Booster gives horses an instant energy boost using a blend of honey, glucose and ginseng. The liquid can be given up to three times a day as needed, and is ideal for hard working horses in particularly strenuous competitions. Learn more here.

Add iron

Tip Top Equi-Red is a liquid performance supplement that combines vitamins, minerals and iron. It’s homogenized with dextrose and honey for fast absorption into the blood stream and, with horses in training receiving just 60ml per day, it’s great value too! Learn more here.

To see the full Performance range, see the website.

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