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16 September 2014 ~ 0 Comments

How to make clipping easier this winter!

Love it or loathe it, clipping is often necessary in the winter, and transforms hairy horses and ponies to streamlined versions of themselves. Of course, people don’t clip their horses just because it makes them look better. Most people clip for health and hygiene reasons, to help prevent/reduce sweating during hard work and keep the horse more comfortable. People can also clip particular areas due to an ailment, for example, clipping the horse’s legs if he/she has mud fever may be necessary in order to access and treat the area. This blog is about general clipping.


  • Clean Coat BodywashPlan your cut – make sure you plan your horse’s new do before you set to work with the clippers! Use chalk to mark your clip…clipping freehand is not a good idea, unless a wonky saddle patch on your hunter clip, or an uneven blanket clip is your goal?!
  • Be sharp – make sure your clipper blades are sharp before you start, and have spares too. Blunt blades are more liable to get hot and they’re more likely to leave a ‘chewed’ look.
  • Rugged and ready – get your horse’s rugs organised before you start, especially on a cooler day. Consider using a blanket to cover the areas you’ve clipped as you go, to prevent your horse from getting cold.
  • Safety first – make sure you’ve really thought it through. Use a circuit breaker, remove water buckets and wear a riding hat and sturdy footwear, just in case.
  • Degrease – degreasing the horse’s coat before you get started can really save your blades and produce a much better clip. There are different ways to degrease, and our Clean Coat is one. This can be used in its undiluted form as a pre clip degreaser.

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