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25 May 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Young Stock Formula Supplement – outstanding nutrition for the young horse

Equimins Young Stock Formula Supplement Tub

At Equimins Ltd not only do we cater for the healthy upbringing of your horses in adulthood but we also produce products designed for the younger horse and ponies such as our Young Stock Formula Supplement, which provides outstanding nutrition for the young horse. Young Stock Formula Supplement has been thoroughly researched and developed to provide the most advanced nutrition for the modern young growing foal. In formulating Young Stock Formula Supplement, we have included the most advanced range of organic minerals which are very bio available, more so than ordinary rock based minerals. Probiotics and Prebiotics are included and saccharomyces cerivisae to greatly help fibre digestion in the hind gut. Feeding this supplement will give every young horse the best possible start in life to make it grow into a fit, well muscled animal. Young Stock Formula Supplement is a complementary feedstuff for young foals and growing horses and is a superb combination of important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Combined with this are very high levels of important probiotics, a pre-biotic to feed them, and saccharomyces cerivisae for efficient fibre digestion.

When feeding Young Stock Formula Supplement, introduce slowly over a period of 4-5 days. Remember when feeding that 1 measure equals 20 grams. Up to 6 months of age can have 1.5 measures per day or 30 grams, 6 – 12 months 2 measures per day or 40 grams and finally 12 – 18 months 3 measures per day or 60 grams.

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