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18 November 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Herbal help

Ever wondered which herbs help to support specific areas of the body? Here’s our quickequimins-milk-thistle-herbs guide to herbal help for horses. If you’re interested in feeding herbs and you’re not sure
which to choose, you can always call or email us and we’ll do our best to help you. Don’t forget that all the herbs below are available to purchase from us but, as some are new additions, they might not be online yet. You can always call or email us for pricing and to order…

Name                         What does it do?


Brewers yeast            …helps to maintain healthy skin and support weight gain

Burdock root             …supports liver/kidney function, the skin and the circulatory system

Chamomile flowers  …helps to naturally calm and supports the digestive system

Chaste tree berry     …supports the hormonal system of mares, rigs and stallions

Clivers                       …helps to cleanse the horse’s systems naturally

Comfrey leaves        …supports healthy bones, cartilage and soft tissue

Dandelion leaves    …supports the kidneys and digestion

Devils claw               …supports joints, muscles and mobility

Echinacea                 …helps to maintain a healthy immune system

Fenugreek seeds    …supports muscle function, digestion and condition. Rich in flavonoids

Hawthorn leaves     …supports the heart and blood circulation

Liquorice root           …supports liver function and the respiratory tract

Marigold flowers      …supports skin condition and digestion

Marshmallow leaves…supports the respiratory system, digestion and urinary tract

Meadowsweet leaves…supports mobility, joints and digestion. G
ood for veteran horses

Milk thistle seed       …helps to cleanse and support the liver

Nettles                       …natural aid to cleansing the blood. Also supports joints

Raspberry leaves    …natural herb to support moody mares. Rich in folic acid

Rosehips                  …supports general health and the immune system

Seaweed                   …supports the coat and hoof condition. Packed with minerals and trace elements.

Slippery elm             …supports digestion, scouring and detoxification

Spearmint                 …supports digestion and makes food more appetising

Turmeric                    …supports the joints

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