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28 July 2014 ~ 0 Comments

All about biotin

Do you feed biotin to your horse? Why do you do it? Is it because it’s something you’ve always done or for a specific reason? In this blog, we ‘lift the lid’ on biotin- what is biotin? Why feed biotin? How to feed biotin?

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is a water soluble vitamin that many people add to their horse’s diet to help support healthy hoof growth…although it does an awful lot more than ‘just’ hooves, it also helps to support the skin and other internal systems. A number of years ago, it was suggested that 15mg of biotin was a suitable amount for the horse to ingest, per day, to help keep hooves healthy. Not all biotin needs to come from supplements. Many feeds contain biotin, which has been added during manufacture, and it’s also naturally found in a variety of feedstuffs, so even if you don’t add biotin or hoof supplement to your horse’s diet, the chances are he’s getting some already.

However, there are many cases when adding biotin to the diet is needed- poor quality hoof growth is often an indication that something isn’t quite right. Quality hoof comes from the inside. We’re not saying that hoof moisturising products don’t help counter environmental issues, such as wet ground, but actual hoof growth and quality needs to be addressed through the horse’s diet. Biotin is often a go-to feed supplement for hooves in need of support.

Now, you don’t just get ‘good hooves’ and ‘bad hooves’- far from it. Some need a little extra support and some, particularly hooves in poor condition, need a lot of extra support. For this very reason, we have not one, not two, but three high quality hoof supplements, all containing biotin, to help support hoof growth from the inside out….

equimins-biotinBiotin 15 contains 15mg of biotin per daily amount and also contains zinc, MSM and magnesium. It helps to support healthy hoof growth and the condition of the skin and coat. What’s even more impressive is the comprehensive range of ingredients we pack into each scoop- you only need to feed 25g per day. With some other products, you’d need to feed twice as much to get the same! Our high specification Biotin 15 supplement really lasts, with 1kg lasting for 40 days…this works out to just 24p per day (but goes down to 18p per day when 3kg is purchased)!

Biotin Plus 25 contains 25mg of biotin per daily amount along with high levels of chelated zinc methionate, bound to an amino acid to help promote strong keratin growth, which is essential for healthy hooves. It can be used when ordinary biotin isn’t sufficient. Our Biotin Plus 25 comes in 1kg, 2kg and 3kg quantities, with 1kg lasting for 40 days…this works out to just 37p per day (but goes down to 27p when a 3kg tub is bought)!

Hoof Mender 75Hoof Mender 75 is our premium hoof supplement that comes with a full money back guarantee, so there’s no ‘risk’! It has 75mg of biotin per daily amount along with zinc methionate, organically bound zinc, MSM, magnesium, methionine, carefully selected herbs and more. Hoof Mender 75 is a comprehensive hoof care supplement that’s ideal for distressed hooves. If you feed it to your horse for 12 months and don’t see an improvement in hoof condition, we’ll refund your money- just keep your receipts. Hoof Mender 75 is available in powder and pellet form. With horses receiving 60g per day, 3kg tub will last for 50 days, and each daily amount costs 69p.

Cost per day is correct as of July 2014.

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